Nurturing companies to build value for
our partners, team members and communities.


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We envision an ecosystem of shared resources, integrated business development and strategy, that feeds the companies and the communities we serve.

We create meaningful opportunities for technical and personal growth and advancement, enabling our company leadership to operate autonomously in areas of passion and skill.

We support our companies with the infusion of financial resources, network sharing and mentorship.

We focus on a steadily expanding service offering for our clients and healthy returns for our investors.

With a start in the trades, real
estate was a natural progression.

Then curiosity and passion took over to build out the eCos portfolio. With more than 20 years of success across the real estate, sports, waste removal, environmental services, and construction industries, the Ehrenfeld Companies leverage extensive experience, market reach and economies of scale to achieve success.

Blue Ocean is a middle-market real estate investment firm headquartered in Owings Mills, MD. Blue Ocean pursues growth nationally and actively owns multiple product types within the real estate sector including multifamily, industrial, hospitality, and self-storage. Today, the Blue Ocean portfolio is valued in excess of $500MM with over 2,000 multifamily units and 3 million square feet of commercial space.

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Blue Ocean Founder, President and CEO

SPIRE Institute & Academy is where aspiring student athletes and professionals come to fuel their passion. SPIRE’s five divisions (Academy, Events, Camps, Institute, Fit) are housed in a 825,000sq ft “world-class” sports complex. With a campus on 800+ acres and 10 year master plan, SPIRE’s unique multi-layered business model addresses industry challenges, creates diverse annual revenue streams, and positions SPIRE as the premier destination for students, events and strategic affiliations that can impact the future of academics, sport and other professions.

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SPIRE Managing Member

Ace provides a full range of environmental services ranging from 24-hour Spill Response and Tank Management to Environmental Services including Soil and Groundwater Remediation and Waste Transportation. Environmental Clean Up Company Baltimore, DC, and Mid-Atlantic Regions.

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IET is committed to the development and implementation of a wide variety of in-situ and ex-situ remedial alternatives. Utilizing a fleet of specially designed equipment applying in-house and licensed patented technologies with 18 years of field experience, IET is able to offer clients and their customers a variety of the most effective remedial solutions.

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Innovative Environmental Technologies Partner

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, NWR has established itself as a local hauler to the Greater Baltimore/DC area servicing recurring municipal customers, as well as an experienced waste consulting firm. Servicing over 300,000 units nationwide, including hundreds of senior care facilities and Fortune 500 companies, NWR has earned a reputation for industry-leading waste management, reliability, and outstanding customer service.

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Northwest Refuse Partner

Acquired in 2013 by Jonathan Ehrenfeld, Atlantic Mechanical has steadily grown its client base and range of services over the years. The company has been proudly serving its clients in the greater Baltimore area for over 30 years. Atlantic specializes in commercial and residential plumbing for builders, contractors, homeowners, and multi-family property managers.

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Atlantic Mechanical Managing Member

Steinberg Sports & Entertainment is a full-service athlete management firm representing NFL players. They help all of their athletes to maximize their earnings potential and build concrete foundations for every piece of their career development. Their team of experts service each client in every aspect of his career – both on and off the field.

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Steinberg Sports & Entertainment Partner

Founded in 2007 as a small family-owned swim school, Triangle’s two locations in Cary and North Raleigh, NC currently service more than 1,300 students. The award-winning swim school focuses on building techniques with one-on-one and small group coaching. The school prides itself on their experienced trainers and individualized attention, including instructors who are ASL and special needs certified.

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Triangle Swim School Managing Member

AWE Fund provides investment capital that enables women to make a meaningful leap for their company’s growth. This can accelerate growth for women-owned businesses, thereby amplifying female success and wealth for the greater good of our communities.

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AWE Fund

blueprint reimagines existing properties to drive innovation, value, economic impact, and community revitalization. Through this initiative, we seek out properties that were once prominent pillars and economic drivers at the heart of community, but now sit dormant in need of revitalization and new stewardship.

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Fueling our people and communities.

eCos investments are now centered on the commercial real estate, service and sports sectors and supported by a centralized leadership team focused on finance, human and capital resources, marketing and business development.

Jonathan Ehrenfeld

Tradesman. Pioneer. Entrepreneur.

In elementary school, Jonathan was selling soda to his peers. At 19, he became a self-taught electrician, then carpenter. One could say he’s often chosen the road less traveled, taking risks and diving into opportunities that few others would have pursued, industries few were willing to touch. He’s always on the lookout for “great bones” and asking himself the same question:
What will it take to build value here?
With a focus on growing impact and achieving success in less chartered industries, he’s been willing to face rejection, and loss. He’s put his neck on the line for his investments, his principles and his people. Assessing risk, taking faith in the reward, he leads his companies with a confidence and willingness to trust his teams and try new things.

With a mentor approach to problem solving and business development, respect for team governance and autonomous management, Jonathan’s leadership is the undercurrent to success for the eCos system.

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Mary Chawn

Accounting Manager


Mary is a passionate, creative, supportive, flexible, and dependable team member. She always looks for ways to help the team be more effective, starting with the development and maintenance of proper accounting principles, procedures that ensure accurate financial reporting, and critical analysis that all guide our businesses in being fiscally responsible and efficient. Mary has an extensive background as a senior finance professional with a demonstrated loyalty to the people and companies she supports. She carries a Bachelor of Science, Management and Marketing, with a Minor in Accounting from PSU.

Elaine Cohen

Executive Assistant


Elaine is the starter engine behind much of the Ehrenfeld Companies launch activities; supporting the set-up of infrastructures from HR to IT and space allocation. Elaine is a keen juggler with organizational priorities, and will always jump in for an assist. Having been with Jonathan and his teams since early 2018, Elaine is super attuned to keeping harmony in planning, scheduling and problem solving for a diverse set of personalities and industries.

Phran Edelman

Director of AWE Fund and Sports Portfolio


Phran is a rare “left and right brain thinker”; not only is she objective and analytical, but also creative and intuitive. She has a background in film production and more than twenty years in non-profit management. With decades of experience in project and people management, Phran has lead the eCos in developing a sport portfolio including Triangle Swim School in Raleigh, NC, and SPIRE FC soccer club in Cleveland, OH, while overseeing various special projects at SPIRE, our international athletic academy and competition center in Geneva, OH. With a belief that women are capable of anything, Phran is now focused on cultivating the eCos AWE (Accelerated Woman Entrepreneur) Fund to provide growth capital for women-owned businesses.

Katie Hollis

Marketing and Research Assistant


Katie brings strong experience in marketing and event production. Her background in VIP productions gives her a wonderful professional and cultural sensitivity that enables her to build close working relationships with her team members and our investment partners. In her role as a J1 Trainee, Katie is supporting the marketing, research and special projects of the entire eCos portfolio.

Simon Nadler

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel


Simon is dedicated to supporting and guiding team members to achieve day to day objectives and personal goals, building sustainable infrastructure, and executing business plans to achieve long-term goals. He is a thoughtful, steady, and caring leader with years of experience as general counsel and in the M&A transaction field. Simon’s efforts are focused on supporting the eCos team and maximizing value for our partners. Simon leads efforts in: Work with portfolio companies and eCos team members • eCos HR and finance processes and policies • M&A process and strategy • Infrastructure development • Risk management Simon is also heavily involved in development and implementation of eCos and portfolio company strategy, growth management, resource management and allocation, and integration.

Juliya Sheynman

Chief Experience Officer


Juliya is dedicated to mission, vision and values. She is hyper-focused on building meaningful relationships, strong teams, and culture, with the resources to help our people and companies thrive. She comes to eCos with years of experience in non-profit marketing, management, and development. With her strong eye for detail and customer focus, she is a high-functioning seasoned leader. Juliya’s efforts are focused on strengthening the eCos stakeholder experience. Juliya leads efforts in: Inter-company connection and communication • Brand and marketing design and implementation • Fundraising and Investor relations • Community engagement and charitable giving • Team development Juliya is also heavily involved in strategy and leadership for the eCos team and portfolio companies, creation of process and protocol, integration, and business development.

Bill Unger

Director of Special Properties


Having decades of experience in process engineering, lean process improvement, facilities management and business growth and development, Bill's operational excellence allows him to excel in his role visioning and managing unique properties and projects. He excels in building community connections and partnerships, from rentals to civil support. Bill is a leader who is driven by his empathy for others, positive work ethic and a strong sense of optimism in every situation.

Lindsey Yankie

Director of Human Resources


With a solid foundation in HR best practices and a passion for fostering a team culture, Lindsey strives to play an important role in shaping our employee-focused strategies. She prides herself on building strong relationships, championing employee well-being, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, making her a valuable asset to our team.


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