Providing investment capital that enables women to make a meaningful leap for their company’s growth.


Ehrenfeld Companies (eCos) aims to fund accelerated growth for women-owned businesses, amplifying female success and wealth for the greater good of our communities.

About the Fund

The AWE Fund was established under the direction of eCos founder and owner Jonathan Ehrenfeld. Jonathan is passionate about helping others, whether in his community or in business, using his own experience as a self-starter as his guide. With a home full of amazing women (his wife and three daughters), Jonathan is fueled to invest in women-owned businesses, offering greater accessibility, flexibility, and agility than traditional bank funding.

There’s tremendous potential for women to build strong businesses and strong community. Sometimes resources are hard to navigate. Our investment committee can help these small and mid-sized businesses propel their growth in meaningful ways, and I hope to share my failures and successes in a meaningful way.”


Jonathan Ehrenfeld

Fund Details

In Phase 1, the eCos AWE Fund aims to invest approximately upwards of $1 million in small to medium-sized women-owned businesses.

With an initial investment of ~$100-$500K, businesses will receive growth capital that will provide the company with the opportunity for exponential growth; a sizeable leap in areas of production, service expansion, manufacturing, expanded location or service area.

eCos Will Provide:

  1. Growth capital to assist in achieving goals outlined in the applicant’s business plan.
  2. Access to a network of valuable vendors and assistance negotiating rates and contracts.
  3. Assist in enhancing strategic and business plans, marketing plans and budgets.
  4. Share access to a large business network and prospective investors upon proven growth.

eCos Will Secure:

  1. ~9-19% minority equity interest in the business.
  2. A ten-year partnership, both parties have the right to exit the partnership after 10 years, with buyout options.
  3. A 7% preferred return on invested capital, which will not be paid until the AWE recipient achieves the ability to distribute free cash flow in excess of its daily operating expenses, and after having established adequate cash reserves.
  4. That funds be allocated for business-related means to enable growth.


eCos seeks to support women-owned businesses with a minimum of two years in operation and measured models for expansion. Candidates must be:

  1. At least 51% woman-owned and operated.
  2. Based in the U.S.
  3. In business for a minimum of one year.
  4. A company that enjoys a positive reputation.
  5. Sell a service or product that is beneficial to society.
  6. Able to demonstrate proven success and scalability with a growing customer base.
  7. Able to exhibit fiscal responsibility.
  8. Able to develop and share a thoughtful business plan, marketing plan, and financial plan with details how the investment will be used for growth.

Process & Timeline

  1. Application Review: Kindly allow two-weeks for application review by the Director of the AWE Fund and pre-screening team.
  2. Introductory Interview: Will occur with the Director of the AWE Fund.
  3. Due Diligence: During the due diligence process, the eCos team, including the Director of Asset management, Head of Business Development, and General Counsel, will review historical financials, business, marketing, and growth strategy. Applicants can expect a series of email and call interactions, as well as site visits. References will be requested.
  4. Presentation: If the recommendation after due diligence is to proceed with an investment in the company, the applicant will be invited to make a formal presentation to the CEO and eCos management.
  5. Contracting: If approved, a term sheet will then be negotiated.
For more information – Be in touch:
Phran Edelman, AWE Fund Director | 443-392-6166