Fueling our people and communities.

eCos investments are now centered on the commercial real estate, service and sports sectors and supported by a centralized leadership team focused on finance, human and capital resources, marketing and business development.

Jonathan Ehrenfeld

Tradesman. Pioneer. Entrepreneur.

In elementary school, Jonathan was selling soda to his peers. At 19, he became a self-taught electrician, then carpenter. One could say he’s often chosen the road less traveled, taking risks and diving into opportunities that few others would have pursued, industries few were willing to touch. He’s always on the lookout for “great bones” and asking himself the same question:
What will it take to build value here?
With a focus on growing impact and achieving success in less chartered industries, he’s been willing to face rejection, and loss. He’s put his neck on the line for his investments, his principles and his people. Assessing risk, taking faith in the reward, he leads his companies with a confidence and willingness to trust his teams and try new things.

With a mentor approach to problem solving and business development, respect for team governance and autonomous management, Jonathan’s leadership is the undercurrent to success for the eCos system.

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Elaine Cohen

Executive Assistant


Elaine is the starter engine behind much of the Ehrenfeld Companies launch activities; supporting the set-up of infrastructures from HR to IT and space allocation. Elaine is a keen juggler with organizational priorities, and will always jump in for an assist. Having been with Jonathan and his teams since early 2018, Elaine is super attuned to keeping harmony in planning, scheduling and problem solving for a diverse set of personalities and industries.

Phran Edelman

Director of Women Business Investments


Phran is a rare “left and right brain thinker”; not only is she objective and analytical, but also creative and intuitive. She has a background in film production and more than two decades in non-profit management. Phran believes that women are capable of anything and is excited to develop an investment platform focused on women-owned businesses. With talents in spatial design and project management, she will assist in managing current eCos portfolio projects, from research to strategy and implementation.

Jason Jannati

Strategic Advisor


Jason is a highly motivated individual, with strengths in team building, goal setting and sales. He brings extensive experience in entrepreneurship – investing in and developing companies centered around core values that empower the people and planet. A leader in maximizing resources and sustainable community infrastructure, Jason was recognized by the Obama administration for his contributions to the nation’s economy. Jason’s eCos role focuses on developing the platform through measurable visioning acquisitions, business development and supporting individual company infrastructures.

Hope Lavenstein

Accounting Specialist


Hope is the backbone of the finance and administrative team. Hope works quietly, in the background, to ensure the critical financial processes, accounting and analysis, are never overlooked. Known for her versatility and flexibility, she is the go-to teammate for tying loose ends and taking projects across the finish line. Her positivity, calm and constant focus on team support provides our companies a constant resource for enhanced productivity.

Josh Notes

Mergers and Acquisitions Director


Josh is passionate about pursuing businesses that make a difference and are built to last. Having decades of experience as an entrepreneur and operator, Josh is most attuned to the finances, processes and resources that make a business succeed over time. Josh leads our mergers and acquisitions with efficient due diligence, sincere care for all parties involved and timely communications. His attention to detail, knowledge of deal metrics and target company numbers helps our lending partners drive deal flow through underwriting and onto the closing table.

Nicole Parker

Human Resources Director


Nicole is passionate about people. She effortlessly walks the line between corporate compliance and maintaining the family culture that is so important to the organization overall. She is constantly looking for ways to enhance team morale and company productivity, and increase benefits while mitigating expenses. Thanks to Nicole, every employee feels valued, understood, and challenged to grow.

Juliya Sheynman

Vice President


Juliya is dedicated to building relationships and providing resources to help our people and companies thrive. Having decades of experience in non-profit management and development, Juliya is hyper-focused on mission, vision and values and works directly with company leadership teams in developing their processes, protocols and culture to support growth and team cohesion. Juliya also leads strategies in investor relations, charitable giving, marketing and communications, and supports acquisition and fundraising efforts.

Marie Spearman



Marie is the keystone of our finance team, giving stability and strength through strategic financial planning, cash forecasting and business model evaluation. She is eager to engineer and preserve a solid financial foundation within the portfolio companies, creating reporting and oversight to ensure manageable, profitable growth. Marie takes personal responsibility in breaking down barriers to organizational success by thoughtfully navigating change and developing long lasting solutions.